Whimsically named after a stop on London’s Northern Tube Line, Chalk Farm was founded in late 2010.

Back then, the company’s presence was strictly online. Specialising in unfussy but elegant cakes, there were just two on the menu: a carrot whiskey sultana and a deep, dark gingerbread, both of which were highly popular during Christmas time. Other cakes were gradually incorporated into the collection, such as salted caramel macadamia cupcakes, a chocolate guinness cake, a red velvet with its roof of raspberries, and kueh salaat, a Nyonya delicacy, for which it has become incredibly well known.

After three years of courting new ideas and refining old ones, Chalk Farm opened its first outlet in Paragon in 2013 and its second outlet in Parkway Parade in 2014.  Both are cosy, clean spaces built around a glass counter, the soul of the shop, housing all manners of sweet offerings, from lemon yoghurt loaves to chocolate olive oil cupcakes, from squidgy brownies to feathery chiffons and with seasonal treats introduced every month.